We have to be the biggest promoters of our own stories.  Can’t  depend on CNN to promote inspiring black stories. Just wanted to share this story.

“Graduating from university is normally an occasion for a family get-together.
And this was certainly a big celebration for the Ogunsanya quadruplets who were handed their well-deserved degrees from the same university on the same day.

The 23-year-old quads, identical sisters and the oldest by four minutes, Toks and Temi Ogunsanya, and identical brothers, Tobi and Tolu, graduated from Warwick University with Master Degrees.

And there was not a jot of sibling rivalry as all four have landed jobs in the City already.

Toks graduated with anMEng in manufacturing and engineering and Temi, Tobi and Tolu all gained an MSC in management from Warwick Business School.

‘The fact we all chose to study at the University of Warwick was a natural decision,’ says Tobi, who thinks a bit of sibling rivalry is essential for success.

‘We are a close-knit family and were all attracted by the strength of the courses on offer.

‘We all gravitated to similar courses because we’ve always been interested in business and management and our father is a successful businessman in Nigeria.’

The quads, originally from Lagos, Nigeria, have been living in the UK since the age of seven when they began boarding schools. Since leaving university they have all landed top city jobs.

Toks is due to start working for RBS in London later this year, Temi, who interned at Santander over the summer, has been offered a permanent position with the bank, and Tolu is due to start working for one of the ‘Big 4’ accountancy firms in the City.

‘Our parents are four times as proud of us,’ added Tobi, who is mulling over two offers from two major City firms.

‘They’ve supported us financially and have encouraged us all the way - without their help we wouldn’t be here today.’ “

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Black excellence


dlow19 said: How is porn damaging my brain





at only 16 years old, with a brain not fully developed until you’re around 22….

it’s giving you unrealistic representations of what sex is or is supposed to be, it’s giving you false information about the dangers of unprotected sex, it’s giving you violent representation of how men should treat women during sex, it’s sexualizing violence, it’s sexualizing degradation, it’s not an accurate depiction of sex between consenting adults, it’s not an accurate representation of how sex works between adults, it’s creating a false expectation of what women want or like or need during sex, it prioritizes men’s pleasure and gratification only, it doesn’t give any weight to the kind of sexual attention women typically need to achieve orgasm and have a fulfilling experience. the porn you’re watching could be a rape. you could be witnessing a woman being raped. that’s pretty damaging.

How, precisely, is any of that damage to the brain?

That is, it is possibly damaging to one’s psyche, but that, in and of itself, is not concomitant with damage to the brain. None of what you describe is damage to the brain.

So how is it damage to the brain, the organ that houses the electrochemical reactions that are the methodology of storing all of what you describe?

I mean with all the evidence about porn and how it impacts people you’re going to only pick at semantics about the use of the word “brain” by the 16 year old OP who probably was limited in his understanding of psyche vs literal brain matter and so chose the word “brain”? THAT is your issue here? You know perfectly well what OP was asking and what I was replying.

Porn consumption LITERALLY affects and ALTERS the brain physically.  In males it’s been found to affect their gray matter, as well as the parts of the brain that influence motivation and empathy, especially empathy for women.  Studies have shown repeatedly that young males who regularly consume porn grow up to be more aggressive, more hostile, more violent, they become more impulsive, more reckless, take more sexual risks AND are more likely to rape.  Porn literally re-writes the wiring in the brain, and since the brains of young males are still developing, porn changes their brain development. 


Anonymous said: i do not support rape ever, even in married couples, but i've heard it is an unhealthy relationship if a couple only has sex like once or two times per month. i have heard marriage counselors tell couples that they must have a sex certain number of times a month, and some even have like a scheduled sex calendar. i am just very confused on this. isn't there something wrong in a marriage that does not have sex often? aren't sexually active couples happier? thank you!!





I think people use intercourse as a cure-all for deeper problems. Couples that have actual intimacy with one another are happier, but couples that fuck just to keep from breaking up are probably miserable.

Anon said “even in married couples”


Remember what I said about sex being considered a requirement, being promoted as a solution to everything?

Those marriage counselors sound insane. I’ve been married for fifteen years, and i think the term “regular sex” is relative. Sometimes we have it fairly often. Other times, not so much. Marriages, like all relationships, have and ebb and flow. We as a society put far too much emphasis on sex, when it’s only a small part of a healthy relationship. We are very affectionate, kissing, hugging and touching are crucial to both of us. I can’t imagine a day without it. Sex is the only way to be intimate with someone, and sometimes it’s not even the best way.

Sex is not a cure all for marital issues. Sometimes lack of sex is because of physical issues within one of the people in the marriage. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a happy marriage. Mature ppl realize that sex is a part of marriage but so is intimacy. Intimacy is not sex. Folks thinking random fucking is going to make everything alright in a relationship. Lots of people are randomly fucking and it’s not helping them in the least. I love my husband and having sex brings is close but that’s not the only thing that brings us closer. Y’all poor young folks so drenched in sex, you can’t even distinguish intimacy from it. Yikes!



R.I.P James Garner (April 7, 1928-July 19, 2014).

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Mt. Hood from the plane #pnw #pdx #mthood


Mt. Hood from the plane #pnw #pdx #mthood

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marlon brando, humphrey bogart, joan crawford, james dean, greta garbo, cary grant, katharine hepburn, paul newman, laurence oliver, anthony perkins, spencer tracy

Didn’t we already establish…

I get sick of this misinformation too. Even sicker that I’m supposedly homophobic if I call it out. And Anthony Perkins was gay, not bisexual hell he said that.


This was not a simple altruism or generosity on my part.  It would look foolish any other way.  She hit the screen like a bomb. ~ Gregory Peck

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“We depend on each other more than we used to.”


“We depend on each other more than we used to.”